Designer interview question bingo

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Eyes down for a full house!

I have been in quite a few interviews this year, and wanted to provide a light-hearted satirical recap to explain the real meaning of some of the most prevalent questions. Is just a bit of fun so don’t @ me etc

The (insert job title here) is difficult to work with.

We want you to come up with stuff that fits into our process, but at the same time see how you do things with no preparation

We have would expect you to use our design system (inflexible pattern library with no substantive design theory, principles or rationale)

We want to see if you can come with great problem solving in 1 hour (2 days) despite having no access to the very elements/data that are critical to understanding said problem. And not pay you.

I have over 20 years design experience at the highest level, dude, it takes 2 hours to learn Sketch

I design for the users, not the HiPPO’s

We are determined to ask you a really personal question in order to break your confidence, and risk ruining a great interview. I usually answer “I fall in love too quickly”.

Design Director. Dad. Cyclist. Flâneur. Piano student. Fondue enthusiast. Not necessarily in that order

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